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The system has been designed to allow an organisation to broadcast or receive work notifications - or both, through a variety of methods (mobile phone, email or an online noticeboard) within a real-time totally secure selective private environment. We ensure that only the relevant intended parties can view, access, or respond - to the work being offered. The software has the ability to automatically manage:
  • Free to post a load
  • Load dispatching, status, running on-time, past due, seeking a driver and load matching
  • Communicate capability via email, mobile phone or noticeboard;
    1. To individual drivers
    2. Transport companies
    3. Sending & receiving parties
  • Multiple vehicle & trailer; maintenance, registration, insurance and type
  • Mapping and directions from pickup to final destination
  • Drive, registration, qualification, & fatigue management
  • Assists with chain of responsibility legislation
  • Multiple reporting capabilities, to assist the analysis of your business
  • Recording keeping.