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Item 1: Designated Equipment Required for Locate Load


Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome         

Internet Explorer 7.0 and above                    

MAC Safari

Item 2: Service


The Provider will provide the following services to the Customer, support via a help desk staffed by our support staff and which is available as follows:

0830 hrs to 1700 hrs AEST Monday to Friday excluding public holidays - If no one is available, leave a message on the Help Desk Voice Mail system or send an email to us at:  

Analyse, diagnose, solve and proactively detect any bugs or faults and either correct immediately or escalate for more detailed attention

Define, manage and control the Locate Load configuration

Undertake testing before changes are implemented to ensure their operability

Execute changes approved by the Provider related to the Locate Load system including the installation of new versions, maintenance upgrades or fixes/workarounds

Manage the installation and activation of new system releases

Item 3: Locate Load Specifications Operations


Maintain Availability of the Locate Load service on a 24x7x365 basis

Perform daily operational tasks to ensure system stability and continuity planning.

Locate Load Performance:

All page requests for Locate Load (other than reporting, backup, user re-assignment, template propagation or archiving functions) will be responded to within a “mean turnaround time” of 20 seconds maximum as measured across a 60-minute period during Business Hours. This response time relates to the time taken for Locate Load web server to finish delivering page content for that HTTP request after the response reaches Locate Load web server and assumes normal usage scenarios (i.e. not specific load testing). Locate Load web server logs will be available for review upon request of the Customer to confirm turnaround time. 

Note: turnaround time does not include transport of page content across the internet, and is measured wholly within the bounds of Locate Load computer network. Template propagation and user re-assignment are excluded from the above service level as these functions may in some cases initiate hundreds of concurrent changes. Additionally these functions currently operate as background batch processes in the system, and therefore don’t complete in real time.

Locate Load Service Availability Summary Table:


business hours

After hours


Monday – Friday

0900 EST – 17:30 EST

All other times

Maximum single outage length in calendar month

4 hours

8 hours

Service availability in single calendar month











Manage the day-to-day security of the Locate Load system to protect data

Item 4:  Locate Load Back-up and Recovery Procedures:

In addition to the definitions referred to iin the main agreement of this agreement, in this Schedule A;

Call Window - means business days from 9:00am to 5:30pm AEST excluding public holidays, during which telephone support will be available to the Customer.

Permanent Fix - means, in respect of a Defect, that the problem has been identified and a permanent correction has been provided such that Locate Load is restored to full functionality and performance.

Remedial Maintenance - means the services performed to restore Locate Load to its full functionality and performance in accordance with the applicable specifications. 

Temporary Fix - means, in respect of a Defect, that the problem has been identified, a manual or automated work around has been described (other than a work around which excludes the use of Locate Load) which restores Locate Load to full functionality and performance and a path to resolution of the fault has been identified.

An appropriate system maintained for backup and storage of Locate Load and the Customer Content and provision of back up services in accordance with the following;

Back-up Daily between 0300 and 06000 hrs AEST

Retention; Weekly backup tapes shall be retained for one month and monthly backup tapes shall be retained for one year.

Patches (Non-critical) Daily between 1800 hrs and 0300 hrs AEST or Sundays

Patches (Critical) Immediate (notice provided where appropriate)

Patches may also include updates/enhancements/fault fixes etc)


Item 5: Maintenance Services


Remedial Maintenance to correct Defects reported under the agreement in accordance with the service levels listed below:

Patches Provision and instalment of patches to Locate Load to correct Defects or improve use of Locate Load from time to time;

Telephone Support Provision of telephone support to the Customer during the Call Window.

Item 6: Service Levels


Classification of Calls

The Customer may make a call at any time requesting required maintenance assistance and will report any Defect.  Calls placed will be responded within the Call Window according to the level of severity. Temporary and permanent fixes will be provided within the time-scales set out below.  Classification of calls is agreed with the Customer as follows to determine the response and fixed time- scale:

Critical Defect means that a critical part of Locate Load is not available or not working correctly.  Will be responded to within sixty (60) minutes, a Temporary Fix will be provided within four (4) hours and a Permanent Fix within two (2) business days.

Major Defect means a material part of Locate Load is not working correctly and for which there is no acceptable workaround available.  Will be responded to within two (2) hours and, a Temporary Fix will be provided within eight (8) hours and a Permanent Fix within five (5) business days. 

Normal Detect means any defect other than a Critical or Major Defect.  Will be responded to within four (4) hours, a Temporary Fix will be provided within four (4) business days and a Permanent Fix in the next release unless otherwise agreed with the Customer acting reasonably at all times.

Timetable for Resolution

For each request, and if requested by the Customer, the Defect will be identified and a timetable will be submitted to the Customer providing both a Temporary Fix and a Permanent Fix within the timetables referred to above.

Call Window

Maintenance assistance will be provided during the Call Window save for circumstances involving a Critical Defect in which case, maintenance assistance will be provided outside the Call Window as necessary to ensure that a Permanent Fix is made to Locate Load.

Item 7: Services not covered by this Agreement


This Agreement does not cover the following requests;

On-call support, requiring our support staff (or any other staff member) to be on-call at any time.  However, we are pleased to quote you our support fee for such on-call support on an incident-by-incident basis;

Training beyond the training provided to You and Your designated representatives under the main Licence, Agreement which is related to ensuring that you, You, Your internal support staff and users can use the System as it was designed for You;

Training, assistance, support or any technical work with or related to in addition, assistance with any other of Your applications is not covered by this Agreement, or software;

Integration of any data or the System or Portal with any of Your other applications or software;

Assistance with your applications, systems or communications environment or infrastructure, except as it directly affects or impacts upon the implementation or operation of the System or Portal; 

The Design, creation, graphics rendering or editorial work for Your website, web-enabled facilities, intranet, or any other web-based or corporate operating environment.

If, however, You require assistance with any of the above activities, have any enhancements or any specific functionality requests, we would be pleased to provide You with a proposal including our fees to undertake any such work, or where we are unable to undertake the work, refer You to someone who can.